Hey this may sound lame, but do you know anyways to level up fast on dcuo? I just started playing

Not always, because it gets a bit repetitive after like the 50th time going through the same mission on a different character haha.

But It would be better to focus on leveling up one or two characters at a time and then working on their combat ratings for a while. That way when you get on another low level character you didn’t/just/ go through that mission yesterday or whatever.

I have gotten characters to level 30 in two days top though if that’s what you were actually asking. :P 

(P.S. It doesn’t sound lame. u w u)

So Harley got stuck in this animation pose just now. 
I warped to rally(bottom pic) after she didn’t become unstuck for a few minutes and even that failed to get her unstuck.
I ended up having to exit the game.

"I now pronounce you Blue & Gold. You may kiss the Gold."

Huntress and Q were raised up in the levels as a couple. Look how far these babies have come.
Q’s is in the 80s and Huntress’ cr is 77. ; w ;

Tora and Guy goof off a lot. 
And Jaime photobombed us. So you can’t really see Guy.

I made DaddyDarkseid one time. 
Used the voice changer to sound like him. >:3c

Unsure if this is a glitch. But Huntress witnessed some strange things too. 

Terri experiences some of her own glitches. 

Terri’s dressed up like Starfire and Boostah’s dressed as Platinum, blowing kisses at Will Magnus’ NPC. 

Evil Booster’s make-shift Checkmate outfit and her Boyfriend’s Holiday outfit.