invisible Harley

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One half of my OTP killed the other. 


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RIP Charles 

you were a good dog.


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Adventures in Metropolis

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Hey this may sound lame, but do you know anyways to level up fast on dcuo? I just started playing

Not always, because it gets a bit repetitive after like the 50th time going through the same mission on a different character haha.

But It would be better to focus on leveling up one or two characters at a time and then working on their combat ratings for a while. That way when you get on another low level character you didn’t/just/ go through that mission yesterday or whatever.

I have gotten characters to level 30 in two days top though if that’s what you were actually asking. :P 

(P.S. It doesn’t sound lame. u w u)

So Harley got stuck in this animation pose just now. 
I warped to rally(bottom pic) after she didn’t become unstuck for a few minutes and even that failed to get her unstuck.
I ended up having to exit the game.

"I now pronounce you Blue & Gold. You may kiss the Gold."

Huntress and Q were raised up in the levels as a couple. Look how far these babies have come.
Q’s is in the 80s and Huntress’ cr is 77. ; w ;

Tora and Guy goof off a lot. 
And Jaime photobombed us. So you can’t really see Guy.

I made DaddyDarkseid one time. 
Used the voice changer to sound like him. >:3c